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Our doctor can qualify patients to receive a 7-month marijuana / cannabis recommendation.

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The State of Florida recently passed a bill that immediately effected changes for medical marijuana growers, patients, and physicians alike. Here are a few of the changes to note:

  • Telemedicine is now prohibited for MMJ recommendations; patients are now required to receive an in-person physical by the recommending physician
  • 3-Month wait is no more - patients can now receive their medical marijuana recommendation in one visit
  • State will set a max dosage for all patients; patient's MMJ doctor can apply to State for patient to exceed limit
  • Patient medical conditions not specifically listed by the State ("Other" conditions) will need additional documentation
  • Women are required to be pregnancy tested
  • Patients still need an I.D. issued by the OCU in order to purchase MMJ products

Medical Marijuana in Puerto Rico

That's right, es verdad! La Isla del Encanto has decided to give medical access to marijuana / cannabis treatment.

There are already three dispensaries in the San Juan area


Clínicas de cannabis esperan por último visto bueno de Salud para despachar

Dispensaries in Puerto Rico Await Health Department Test Results to Open as New Governor Sworn in  "Puerto Rico will have some of the most regulated medical bud under U.S. jurisdiction."

Source: https://www.merryjane.com/news/dispensarie...

Doctor Davis Appears in Florida WUFT News

 Check out this September 14, 2016, article in Florida's WUFT News entitled Pot ‘Works Effectively As A Medicine,’ Says Gainesville’s First Marijuana Doc, where Doctor Justin Davis asserts the medical usefulness of medical marijuana / cannabis.

Dr. Justin Davis

Stop Persecuting Medical Marijuana in Florida

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Why?  Marijuana.

Facebook, Wells Fargo, and Stripe, you should be ashamed for blocking patients from receiving and paying for medical treatment. The list is growing daily. 

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