Please direct questions concerning your I.D. to the OCU:  850-245-4205 (usually a human answers) or 850-245-4720 (if no one answers, usually they will respond to a voice mail within a few days).

Patients using medical marijuana are RESTRICTED from the following:The transfer to a person other than the qualified patient for whom it was ordered or their legal representatives. The use or administration on any form of public transportation, in any public place, in a qualified patient’s place of employment, if restricted by his or her employer, in a state correctional institution, on the grounds of a preschool, primary school, or secondary school or any school bus or vehicle.

Compassionate Use Registry Identification Card applications:

To apply for your state I.D., use the above applications, or apply online. When our doctor adds you to the Compassionate Use Registry, you should receive an automated Email (check your junk mail folder) from the State with an application link, and another Email with your temporary password. Use the link, your Email you gave our office, and the temporary password to access your file.

Note that you will need to submit (with paper application or upload digitally) a passport-type photo, as well as proof of FL residence, like a driver's license or utility bill in your name. You will also have to mail a $75 check or money order to the FL DOH / OCU, with your Patient # on the check memo. You can get this number from your online OCU profile or from our office.

I.D. Cards (updated 4/28/17)

Florida medical marijuana patient I.D. cards are a now required by the State of FL / Department of Health / Office of Compassionate Use. The State must conditionally approve a patient's application before a dispensary can allow the patient to purchase their marijuana / cannabis medicine.